Website Appraisal Services

Are you trying hard to define the purpose of your website? Not seeing the results that you would like to see?

Try IDENTITY BRAND's web site evaluation and appraisal services.

Our quality assurance department will help you identify key weaknesses and flaws on your website and give you concrete and result-oriented steps to follow in order to make your website a huge success.

Website Appraisal Service Includes

  • An open review of the look and feel of the site.
  • Navigation Analysis.
  • Accessibility and Standards Compliance
  • Technical Analysis: Web Browser Compatibility and links.
  • Website inconsistencies (A Review).
  • Copyright and Content Analysis.
  • Usage (Marketing process and Contingency Design) Analysis.
  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis.
  • General User Experience Standards Checklist.
  • Benchmarking your website against a leader in the industry
  • The IDENTITY BRAND Standard
  • IDENTITY BRAND' Recommendations

Redesign Services

IDENTITY BRAND's experienced web developers and designers can take your existing website and transform it into an e-business machine. We understand the mentality and attitude of online users and this allows us to create optimized, user-friendly online experiences that your current site may not already possess.


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