• Business & Domain Understanding

    We articulate the right mobile strategy in order for you to sell products and services, raise productivity and increase awareness of your brand

  • Available Platforms, Devices & Technology

    Array and diversity of technology options to increase your market share.

  • Choice of mobile Architecture

    Standard, Hybrid or Proprietary

  • Market Trends

    How market trends affect your solution page

  • Strong Workforce

    We have a strong team specializing in mobile application development.

  • Quality Assurance Strategy

    • Mobile solution testing approach.
    • Device.
    • Carrier.
    • Backend systems.

Rang of Development Platforms

Apple iOS

iPhone and iPad mobile Development

iPhone application developers, designers, and program managers are experts at getting the right balance between client's concepts, iPhone platform standards, user experience and beliefs, as well as technical challenges and possibilities in the project. As a result, a large number of our clients have seen extraordinary success.

Besides the concrete experience in iPhone app development, IDENTITY BRAND's Mobility application developers have a detailed comprehension of the Apple platform and the various constituents involved including the iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch / Objective C, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, OpenGL ES, Open AL, Core Audio, Core Animation, Core Graphics, WebKit Programming, and Accelerometer.


Android App Development

Android is emergent fast as a platform and so is the demand for Android app development.

IDENTITY BRAND's Mobility Android application developers have years of know-how in the mobile application development space and are well acquainted with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs, Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture and other technologies mandatory to build best in class Android apps.

Our understanding of the Android Market Place coupled with our brilliant designers and extremely experienced Android app development team gives us the buoyancy to take on the hardest of challenges and deliver exceptional Android apps that you would love.


Blackberry App Development

The BlackBerry platform, though exceedingly widespread, is a little different from other smartphone platforms in that its primary charm has so far been among the business people.

Whether you are thinking of a traditional BlackBerry app, or a next-gen consumer app for BlackBerry, IDENTITY BRAND's Mobility are the experts you should talk to. The vastly accomplished designers at IDENTITY BRAND's Mobility ensure that our BlackBerry apps have the best user interface - sleek and professional-- that suits the taste of businessmen, or if your app is targeting the other end of the consumer spectrum. And in either case, you will get top-notch mechanical work, since our BlackBerry application developers put in the best of technology to bring the apps to life.


Windows Mobile App Development

Our Windows Mobile development team is technically knowledgeable and well versed in .Net Compact Framework, J2ME, C++ and similar technical aspect, which gives us the sureness to take up even the toughest of challenges in Windows Mobile development.

Besides, our highly talented designers ensure that we deliver only the best of user interfaces. Our Windows Mobile developers are suitably supported by our graphic designers, Quality Analysts and Project managers and together as a team we deliver the best in class Windows Mobile applications.

Smart Application Customers


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